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  • Matthias Vogelsang

    We don’t imitate, we innovate!

    Matthias Vogelsang

  • Samuel Hangartner

    For us, BIM starts on paper.

    Samuel Hangartner

  • Volker Wouters

    We don’t talk about problems –
    we talk about solutions.

    Volker Wouters

  • Simon Rölli

    The process is always part of the solution.

    Simon Rölli

  • Marcel Martin

    Integrated understanding for collaborative work.

    Marcel Martin

  • Marius Flury

    Success through communication!

    Marius Flury

  • Sandra Strebel

    Now one step more, later two steps less.

    Sandra Strebel

  • Anthony Bellwald

    EMC - Engineering Minds with Creativity

    Anthony Bellwald

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  • Electrical Engineering

    Electrical engineering for all types of building, site and infrastructure construction. We support you across all project phases, electrical trades and systems.

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  • Consulting

    Consultation, quality assurance and expertise in electrical engineering for all construction projects and all project phases.

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  • Further Education

    We offer topic-specific courses and lectures on electrical engineering and standards for engineering consultants and contractors, authorities and associations.

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